When Do You Call an Attorney in a DUI Accident Case?

DUI Accident

Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands of accidents every year in New York. Unfortunately, many of these accidents caused by drunk drivers result in people being seriously injured or even killed. In response to the serious dangers posed by drunk drivers, most states, including New York, have enacted laws that impose strict penalties on people who are convicted of drunk driving. A person convicted of drunk driving faces fines, jail time and the suspension or revocation of his driver’s license. A DUI charge should be taken very seriously. Especially if the DUI involved an accident. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need to talk to a Long Island DWI lawyer right away.
DUI Accidents

If you have been charged with a DUI accident, you need to immediately contact a DWI lawyer New York City to protect your rights because you have a lot to lose. A criminal conviction for a DUI can drastically change your life. Even DUI first offenders face fines of up to $1,000, one year in jail and a six-month driver’s license revocation. If you have prior DUI convictions, you can be charged with a felony and get up to seven years in prison. If your drunk driving resulted in an accident, you can expect harsh treatment from the court.

In addition to the fines, jail time and loss of your driver’s license, you can expect to be sued if your DUI accident caused an injury or property damage. So, you may find yourself going to both criminal court and civil court because of your DUI accident. If you are in this situation, all is not lost. You need to hire a Long Island criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

London & Indusi LLP

The Law Firm of London & Indusi has litigated thousands of criminal cases. If you were involved in a DUI accident, you need to immediately call them and talk to an experienced New York City or Long Island criminal defense attorney so that they can start preparing your legal defense today. You need a New York City or Long Island DWI lawyer on your side to fight every aspect of the prosecutor’s case and see that you are treated fairly. Don’t wait. Call London & Indusi LLP now to start protecting your rights.