What are the Differences Between Larceny, Robbery and Burglary?

Larceny, Robbery and Burglary

There are a lot of criminal laws on the books. In fact, there are so many different kinds of criminal acts that people often get them confused. Some common examples include the crimes of larceny, robbery and burglary. Each of these terms has a separate and distinct legal meaning. Also, each of these crimes has unique defenses that can be raised by a New York City criminal defense lawyer.


The crime of larceny involves the unauthorized taking of the property of another person with the intention of permanently depriving the rightful owner of that property. In New York, the crime of larceny can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon the value of the property that was taken. Petit larceny is a class A misdemeanor while grand larceny is a felony.


While larceny involves the intentional stealing of the property of another, robbery involves using some kind of force to get the victim’s property. The type of force used can include fear, intimidation and the threat of violence if the victim doesn’t give up the property. All robberies in New York are felonies. A robbery can be considered a class B, C or D felony, depending upon the circumstances of the crime. New York criminal statutes are complicated. A New York City or Long Island criminal defense attorney can explain the legal statutes and defenses to you.


The crime of burglary involves entering a structure such as a home or business with the intent to commit a crime once inside. The crime intended does not have to involve a theft. It can be any kind of crime. The crime of burglary is a felony in New York. The perpetrator can be charged with either a class B, class C or class D felony, depending on the facts of the case. The penalties for a burglary conviction are harsh. If you’ve been arrested for burglary, you need to immediately contact a New York City or Long Island criminal lawyer.

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