Technology: When it can hurt your case


Does technology help if you’re in a DWI accident?

When it comes to the courtroom, we usually think of technology as helpful. If an incident is captured on video or if the client can take photos of a scene, it can help us paint a vivid image for the jury. We can show the jury what happened rather than just explain it with witness testimony. This can be a big help when it’s time to present a case in court.

When technology doesn’t help
Sometimes, technology can hurt your case more than it can help. As any New York City criminal defense attorney can tell you, video can occasionally make us cringe as we work to represent our clients. Most of the time, the problem is not that you recorded the incident. There’s nothing inherently wrong with videotaping an encounter with the police.

Instead, the problem is what we see on the video. This can be a client speaking rudely to a police officer, a client stumbling to get out of their vehicle or even a client admitting that they drank too much. None of this behavior helps us win over a jury.

What to do if the police act aggressively
You should definitely whip out a phone to record video if the police are behaving in any way that’s inappropriate. If they approach you aggressively or use force against you, they’re not going to volunteer this information when it’s time to go to court. Having video documentation of police misconduct is critical to proving it if the police behave in offensive or unlawful ways towards you.

A DWI expert attorney can help you
If you’re facing a DWI charge, a Long Island DWI lawyer can help you present your case in the best possible way. Our Long Island Lawyers can help you sift through the evidence and decide how to best present your case in court. We can also work to convince the state that they should dismiss your case before trial. You only have one chance to win your case, so contact an attorney as quickly as possible.