Taxi Accident? What are the passenger rights?

Taxi accidentWith millions of New Yorkers and travelers taking taxi rides each year, taxi accidents are sadly inevitable. When an accident happens, you may wonder where you can turn. Fortunately, you have rights. If you’re hurt in a taxi accident, here are some of the rights that you have:

Compensation from the taxi company under no-fault insurance

Taxis in New York are under what is called no-fault insurance. They compensate you for your damages even if the accident wasn’t their fault. When you’re in an accident, take down all of the information that you can about the taxi company, the driver’s contact information and the cab number to facilitate making a claim.

Recovery for taxi negligence

If the taxi driver didn’t provide the reasonably careful service that an ordinary person would have, they may owe you additional compensation for your injuries. This may be the case in situations where you suffer serious injuries. In addition to general motor vehicle traffic laws, there are special rules that taxi drivers must follow regarding where to park to pick up passengers. Our team of civil and criminal trial lawyers at London Indusi LLP can help you evaluate your case to see if you can bring a claim against a negligent taxi driver.

Compensation from another negligent driver

You may also be able to bring a lawsuit against another driver. If the accident was the fault of someone besides the taxi driver and you have serious, permanent injuries, you may look to the other driver in order to recover for your losses. There are different types of recovery that may be available to you including pain and suffering.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, one or both drivers may need a Nassau criminal defense lawyer to defend against criminal charges in addition to a civil case. Some traffic offenses are subject to sealing from public record, and others are not, so they may try to work with an NYC expungement lawyer to remove the offense from their criminal record. Our team of skilled and experienced civil and criminal attorneys can help you assert all of your rights in any legal forum. If you’ve been hurt in a taxi accident, please contact us.