Business Transaction and Business Formation Lawyers

London Indusi LLP is here to help your business during the formation, operation, and dissolution stages. Having assisted many clients form various business entities, we are able to advise business owners about employment laws and regulations, local, state and federal tax requirements, as well as handle all aspects of formation to assure your business is operating properly under the laws of New York or New Jersey. London Indusi LLP has advised and assisted many local businesses including, boutique real estate companies, dry cleaning establishments, restaurants, and internet companies.

Business Litigation

In one case, Mr. Indusi saved his client thousands of dollars in violations because he was improperly ticketed for operating a laundry when, in fact, he was operating a dry cleaner. Various federal, state and local laws require different licenses for different types of businesses even if closely related. See, DCA v. Great Deals Cleaners, Inc. 

In the event a business is undergoing modification, sale or bankruptcy, London Indusi LLP is available to assure the transaction goes smoothly. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately about all of your business needs.


Common Business Transcactions and Litigation:

  • Corporation, LLC and partnership law
  • Business formation
  • Licensing requirements
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Tax Requirements
  • Joint ventures
  • Employment and non-compete agreements
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Business litigation
  • Arbitrations
  • Business Contracts
  • Business sales/closings