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administrativeMr. London and Mr. Indusi have handled many administrative matters New York State, New Jersey, New York City, and Local County (Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland Counties) agencies and tribunals. Whether you are a City, State, or Federal employee or private citizen seeking counsel before an administrative hearing, tribunal, or board, we are here to help. Frequently, we are retained to represent high school students in school suspension hearings. While not as significant as a criminal case, school suspensions become part of a students permanent record and can carry significant penalties. Often times, evidence presented at school suspension hearings can be helpful in pending criminal or civil litigation which may follow.

We frequently represent police officers charged with administrative violations in the Trial Room at 1 Police Plaza as well as business owners and citizens before the Environmental Control Board (ECB), the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), the Taxi and Limosine Commission (TLC), the Department of Motor vehicles (DMV), County Zoning Boards and many others.

Common Areas

  • Employment Hearings
  • Licensing Hearings
  • Environmental Control Board Violations
  • Parole Violations
  • Probation Violations
  • Gun Licenses
  • Housing Board Hearings
  • Condo/Coop Boards
  • TLC Violations
  • ECB Violations
  • Department of Education (DOE) hearings
  • School Suspension hearings

In one case, Mr. Indusi saved his client thousands of dollars in violations because he was improperly ticketed for operating a laundry when, in fact, he was operating a dry cleaner. Various federal, state and local laws require different licenses for different types of businesses even if closely related. See, DCA v. Great Deals Cleaners, Inc.

If you have a pending violation, specification, summons or anticipate being summoned before an administrative tribunal, don’t hesitate to contact London Indusi LLP so that we can begin to assist and strategize the often inevitable litigation.

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