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Been in trouble in the past? Looking for a fresh start? Want your NY record sealed? The State and Federal legislatures are constantly passing laws permitting fresh starts for people who have been in trouble in the past. This is especially true in cases where drugs were involved in the crime. London Indusi LLP are your NY record sealing lawyers. Currently, New York has a bill pending in the legislature to permit the expungement of non-violent criminal convictions, including felonies and misdemeanors. At this time New York permit the expungement or sealing of certain criminal convictions, including felonies. New York law also permits the issuance of certificates of relief from civil disabilities, which prevent employers and licensing agencies from holding a criminal conviction against someone. London Indusi are experienced NY record sealing lawyers who have achieved NY record sealing in a number of cases. Contact London Indusi LLP to begin the record sealing and record expungement process.

At London Indusi LLP, we can help you obtain relief under the law. Whether you are seeking employment, licences or permits, or simply looking to prevent anyone from obtaining a copy of your record, call us for a free consult. Mr. Indusi has vast knowledge of the remedies available under Federal, New York State, and New Jersey law and has helped many accountants, lawyers, doctors, and real estate agents get relief and licensure. Mr. Indusi has also published on this topic in The CPA Journal, July 2014 Edition. Read the article about the sealing of drug felonies and misdemeanors here.

Additionally, Mr. Indusi has lectured on record sealing in New York for the NYC Department of Probation.

Contact London Indusi LLP to talk to our New York City criminal defense attorneys to get a fresh start and seal your record.