How Gun Laws in New York can affect you!

gun lawNew York gun laws are some of the strictest in the nation. Unlawful possession of a firearm starts at up to one year in prison and goes as high as 25 years. The sentence depends on the degree you are charged with, but a criminal record stains your history either way.

Despite these serious consequences for handguns, with the exception of New York City, the state has favorable gun laws for hunting weapons, such as rifles and shotguns. This has a lot to do with the large rural areas of upstate New York, where hunting is a pastime and a conservative outlook on gun ownership prevails.

As criminal defense lawyers in New York City know, no such lenient attitude towards guns prevails in The Big Apple. While in Upstate New York hunting weapons do not even require a permit for purchase, in NYC shotgun and rifle owners must obtain a license, register the weapon (s), and obtain a permit to carry or conceal the firearms.

For handguns, all of New York State requires a permit to purchase and carry, a license, and registration. The licensing application process is also more extensive than most states. Residents must apply at their local police department, where they undergo fingerprinting and a background check. If they pass, the New York State Police then conducts its own personal background check that includes personal references. The process can take more than six months. Unlike with other licenses, approval of handgun applications is at the discretion of the licensing officer.

When you are charged with a gun crime in New York State, penalties are severe regardless of where the charges are filed. In New York City, you are likely to be charged if you lack the proper credentials. Since this can lead to a felony conviction, it is important to contact a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a gun crime.

Even if you have credentials, huge sentences are imposed if you are convicted of a crime while possessing a firearm. These penalties are extreme if you used a firearm during the crime. For example, a long island resident who has a legal gun in his pocket while he commits assault could face severe weapons charges and needs to contact a Long Island criminal defense lawyer right away.

Though New York State is friendly to hunters, its handgun laws are strict. If you have any questions regarding firearms laws, contact London Indusi LLP.