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Rikers correction officers, jail cook, inmates busted for smuggling contraband into jail

A corrupt crew of city correction officers, inmates and even a jail cook were busted Thursday for allegedly running an underground criminal network sneaking weapons and drugs into Rikers To arrange a meeting to discuss your rights and options, contact London Indusi LLP at Law office online or call us at 516-323-7037.

Manhattan pastor claims he took church funds to pay for Sunday school expenses, housekeeping needs

The Upper East Side pastor accused of stealing church funds was taking cash to pay for Sunday school expenses and housekeeping needs, his attorneys claimed Tuesday. For all your legal needs and concerns in regards to Manhattan pastor claims case, contact London Indusi LLP today!

Bronx judge denies bail to man charged with killing cab driver after fare dispute

A Bronx judge denied bail Thursday to the man charged with killing a Bronx cab driver after a fare dispute — rejecting cries from the accused killer’s lawyer that the case was “paper-thin.” The attorney, Cary London, argued his case, as Nicholas Sanchez, in cuffs, pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the early Monday… Read more »

Brooklyn Bridge selfie guy’s lawyer: There should be signs

The lawyer for an attention-seeking tourist who was busted for climbing the Brooklyn Bridge after posting a selfie on social media said the city shares the blame for the dangerous stunt. Joseph Indusi questioned the lack of signage by the walkway David Karnauch used to scale the heights. “This happened a month ago and there’s… Read more »

Bronx judge dismisses rape case against NYPD cop-pastor Vladimir Sosa

The case against the Bronx cop-clergyman accused of having sex with a teenage girl he met at his church youth group was dropped entirely Wednesday. Officer Vladimir Sosa, 38, a seven-year NYPD veteran and affiliate of the Iglesia Metodista Libre El Remanente Church on E. 180th St., had been facing charges of third-degree rape, sexual… Read more »

NYPD Hopes to Use Video To Combat ‘Implicit Bias’ Against Officers

The first photo to emerge of last week’s shooting by an NYPD officer of a man accused of serial “hammer attacks” echoed recent photos and videos from police-involved shootings across the country: A black man lay prone on the ground, as a uniformed — and white — officer stood over him, gun aimed at the… Read more »

NYPD cop and pastor charged with sleeping with teen says girl was over the age of consent

A Bronx cop who allegedly had sex with an underaged girl he met at his church youth program might have a prayer of beating the rap. Lawyers for Vladimir Sosa — an NYPD officer who’s also a pastor — asked a judge Friday to dismiss the charges against their client, saying they have evidence that… Read more »

What It’s Like To Start Your Own Firm, According To The Subway Slapper’s Lawyer

The Law Office of London Indusi LLP, released an article discussing “What It’s Like To Start Your Own Firm, According To The Subway Slapper’s Lawyer”, if you would like to know more Please continue reading below. Do you ever dream of quitting your job, throwing caution to the wind and beginning a business venture of your… Read more »

Bouncer who slapped woman on F train said he’d apologize for smack as prosecutors ruled he acted in self-defense

He’s no longer behind the 8-ball. Prosecutors have dropped all charges against Jorge Pena, the 6-foot-6 bouncer arrested for slapping a woman during a subway melee. But the 25-year-old is willing to apologize for the blow — even though it was in self-defense. “A man is never supposed to hit a girl,” said the part-time… Read more »