Hands Up! – Gun Charges

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We live in dangerous times and people often feel the need to take precautions to protect themselves and their families. Many people choose to carry a gun for self-protection. However, every state has different laws regarding carrying a weapon. Some states allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon with an easy to obtain permit or… Read more »

7 Common Mistakes of DUIs

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When you’re pulled over for DUI, you want to do your best not to make mistakes. What you do on the side of the road ultimately can determine whether you’re convicted of the offense. Here are seven common ways that people make mistakes when they’re pulled over for DUI: 1. Failing to pull over immediately… Read more »

Taxi Accident? What are the passenger rights?

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With millions of New Yorkers and travelers taking taxi rides each year, taxi accidents are sadly inevitable. When an accident happens, you may wonder where you can turn. Fortunately, you have rights. If you’re hurt in a taxi accident, here are some of the rights that you have: Compensation from the taxi company under no-fault… Read more »

Arrested for Possession Child Porn? What are the Consequences?

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  Child pornography charges are serious felony charges in New York. A person convicted of these charges can expect to spend many years in prison in addition to paying fines and other consequences. New York penal law 263.16 prohibits possessing a sexual performance by a child. Child porn laws under federal law carry even more harsher penalties, especially… Read more »

Not just alcohol: how do drugs affect driving?

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When you think of driving under the influence your mind likely jumps right to assuming alcohol is being discussed. Other drugs besides alcohol impair your ability to think and act appropriately while driving. Driving after taking any sort of drug puts you, your passengers and other drivers on the road in danger and should be avoided. If you do make the decision… Read more »

When Do You Call an Attorney in a DUI Accident Case?

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Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands of accidents every year in New York. Unfortunately, many of these accidents caused by drunk drivers result in people being seriously injured or even killed. In response to the serious dangers posed by drunk drivers, most states, including New York, have enacted laws that impose strict penalties on people… Read more »

Orders of Protection: Who Does It Protect?

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  Who Does It Protect? If you are related to your abuser by blood or by marriage, have had an intimate partner relationship with (married, dating, separated, divorced) or have had a child with your abuser, then you are eligible to petition for an Order of Protection. How Do Orders of Protection Work? There are… Read more »

Technology: When it can hurt your case

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Does technology help if you’re in a DWI accident? When it comes to the courtroom, we usually think of technology as helpful. If an incident is captured on video or if the client can take photos of a scene, it can help us paint a vivid image for the jury. We can show the jury… Read more »