Accidentally Committed a Crime While Visiting New York? What you need to do next!

crimeEven though you hope for your vacation to go smoothly, you may be shocked to find yourself charged with a crime after a visit to the Big Apple. Whether you’re facing a charge of drunk driving, trespassing or drug possession, a criminal charge while you’re on vacation can throw your life into disarray. Here’s what you need to know if you accidentally committed a crime while touring the country:

The Laws may be Different than in your Hometown

New York state law and New York City laws may be different than the laws you’re used to at home. It’s important not to assume that you understand the details of the charges you’re up against based on how the laws might be in your hometown. Penalties may vary regarding potential jail time, fines, fees, driver’s license suspension, probation terms and restitution requirements. The legal team of London Indusi LLP can help you understand the charges against you. Even though the charges may be different than you may have received for a similar offense at home, the consequences of a criminal conviction may follow you, so it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney in New York City to address the charges against you.

Your Attorney can Help with Court Dates

One of the challenges with a criminal charge while on vacation is that court dates are often spread out over a number of weeks and months. You may have an arraignment one week, a pre-trial conference three weeks later and a trial three months after that. Your criminal defense attorney in New York City can help. With the court’s permission, your attorney may be able to consolidate these court dates. In some cases, they may appear in court on your behalf.

With a New York City criminal defense lawyer advocating for you, they can help you minimize the impact of court on your job and your family. Working to consolidate court dates can also save you the cost of repeated travel to New York to attend hearings. If the resolution of your case involves probation, your legal team can approach the court to allow you to serve your probation in your hometown. Contact the London Indusi LLP team today to discuss your case.