7 Common Mistakes of DUIs

DUIWhen you’re pulled over for DUI, you want to do your best not to make mistakes. What you do on the side of the road ultimately can determine whether you’re convicted of the offense. Here are seven common ways that people make mistakes when they’re pulled over for DUI:

1. Failing to pull over immediately

When you see the lights in your rear-view mirror, stop your car as soon as it’s practical. If you don’t, you may face charges of trying to flee from a law enforcement officer in addition to charges of drunk driving. A trial lawyer Brooklyn will tell you that the charge of fleeing from an officer is often more serious than drunk driving.

2. Arguing with the officer

It won’t help to get in an argument with the officer. In many cases, law enforcement holds the key to the state’s decision on offering a plea deal or dismissing the charges. Don’t volunteer information, but don’t get in an argument either.

3. Offering too much information

If the police ask how much you’ve been drinking tonight, tell them that your attorneys at London Indusi LLP have advised you not to answer any questions. Don’t tell them where you were or what you drank. Just be polite.

4. Confessing to the crime

What might look like guilt to you might not be guilt under New York law. A confession is often admissible in court. It’s better to politely decline to speak with police.

5. Refusing to take the chemical test

When the police offer you a breath or blood test, your best bet is to consent to take it, unless you have consumed a significant amount of alcohol. If you don’t, the State of New York suspends your driver’s license even if you’re never convicted of drunk driving. You must take separate steps to contest the suspension.

6. Not demanding an independent test

If you take the state’s test, make a respectful demand for an independent test, especially while the video camera is on. If law enforcement doesn’t facilitate your independent test, it can hurt their case against you.

7. Not calling an attorney as soon as possible

As soon as you call a criminal defense attorney Brooklyn, we can help. We may be able to help you arrange for an independent test. Waiting can mean lost evidence and lost options.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, our team of Brooklyn DUI lawyers can help. At London Indusi, we’re criminal law professionals. We can help you explore and prepare defenses that you may not have even considered. Please contact us today to talk about your case.